Website Monthly Payment Plans

Strapped for cash, we can help

DE offers monthly payment plans for customers big and small. Want to get your products online, but can’t afford a website, we can help.

Unlimited Security Updates

Over time, website browsers update their platforms, and new security risks attempt to take control of your website on a daily basis. Our support team will maintain an optimum level of security prevention. While no-one can guarantee such levels of security, we do give it our best to ensure your website and mail is secure.

Custom Designed Websites

All websites are designed to fit your brand image, if you don’t have one yet, we can assist with that as well. All websites are on-site optimised, mobile responsive and ready to launch your business into the Wide World Web.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided the most asked questions about our packages on offer. We’re always happy to talk to you if your questions aren’t answered here.

Is there a contract period?

Technically, no, you can walk away at any time, we own the website and domain name until such time that the website is paid in full. You can leave, but why would you want to?

Ongoing Design Changes?

If you’re business is wanting to stand out from the competition, you’ll be keen to update your websites design every now and then. We can change your plan to accommodate your changes, easy as 1, 2, 3.

Domain Name?

We provide a domain name for your branding, providing it is available. After 2 years the domain name can be taken to another provider if preferred.

Can I upgrade my plan?

If you find your business is evolving and you need to keep your website on the same growth pattern, we will gladly assist in making the transition to a website that is more suited to your requirements.

Monthly Payments?

All monthly payments are debited from your credit card. We send out the monthly invoice as a reminder that your account will be debited soon after.

Website Design rights?

The website is the property of DE Marketing Solutions until the 2 year contract is paid, or the client pays the balance of the 2 year period.


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