About Us

Operating since 2003

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our customers transform themselves into customer companies by by digitally exposing them to the world. With our core services, Web Design, Branding Solutions, Graphic Design and Software Development, we provide a next generation customer platform.

We Evolved

Tim Vance founded Digital Exposure in 2002, on partnership with Tim Hughes. As a startup business operating part-time, the business grew and as opening appeared, the branches of business evolved.

In 2003 the Tim’s parted ways, and Tim Vance started operating on a full-time basis.

Tim’s background came from a degree in Civil Engineering Drafting, working for the Housing Commission in Tasmania, then later moving to Melbourne and worked in various sales and design jobs.

After forming Digital Exposure, Tim got busy learning the art of graphic design, web design and multimedia marketing, just a few worth listing, I might add. Growing a strong relationship with clients, we have seen the success of small business evolving and bringing others into the modern era.